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      Communication methods and channels for stakeholders
    • HOME
    • Communication methods and channels for stakeholders
      • Employees
      • Setting up a system deriving from humanity, Law, and Yankey's philosophy, connecting the remuneration and promotion with performance assessment, quick response to reward the outstanding employees, and creating more profit for employees.  
        Liaison for Employees:Judy Chang 
        Employee Complaint Mailbox :
        Sex Harassment Complaint
        Communication: Email、phone、
        Committee of Employees' Welfare、Labor-Management Council。
      • Investors
      • The company has a spokesman system and a shareholders contact window to assure the immediacy, accuracy, and reliability for protection of investors. 
        Liaison for Employees:Johnny Cheng
        Email :
        Communication : Email、Shareholders' Meeting、Public Information Post System、Earning Result Conference.
      • Audit Committee
      • In order to complete the supervision function of Audit Committee, the mailbox of Audit Committee has been set up to facilitate the communication between shareholders, stakeholders, employees, and Audit Committee.  
        Liaison for Employees:RitaLiou
        Email :
        Communication : Email、phone.