Great Answer. Go support Radio K.

So, honest opinion: Twin Cities music scene. Golden Age? Everything we’ve ever wanted and more? There are a lot of strong opinions out there, and I’m curious how you weigh in on this one.

I don’t know if the Golden Age of local music ever left the Twin Cities. Being a Minneapolitan at heart, I think we just crave validation. I think we’ve been cool for a while, and I think anyone who’s been involved with music here will tell you that. They’ll tell you that we’ve always had one of the strongest scenes in the country, and now, thanks to the internet or the styles at the moment, groups like Polica and Doomtree kind of take off. There’s nothing that could be lost from local bands getting attention… hopefully we’ll draw more interested people. Is there a lot of buzz right now? Yes. Is there a lot of pressure? Yes. It’s easier to play a song by a band that everyone knows, but I feel like Radio K exists to play the new basement band, and the Current exists to play the new Peter Wolf Crier. It feels really tight, but that’s kind of exciting, where you’re constantly fighting to get attention. Local music has never been easy. The Golden Age? It started back in the ‘60’s, and I don’t think it’s left yet.

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