Pump Repair Pros Offer Expert Advice on How to Deal with Basement Water Damages Due to Pump Leakages

To solve wet basement problems due to water well pump leakages should be a priority if you want to protect the value of your home and care for the health of your family. Pump repair Grants Pass specialists would happily offer their assistance in this regard

Sooner or later, you will experience some water damage in the basement area. It may be due to installing a window, sump pump failing, basement seepage, leaking foundation walls, grading that was done wrong, broken plumbing in the basement area, etc.

When you have to contend with water damages of any kind, one of the first things you should do is turn off your gas supply to any appliances that operate with pilot lights or ignition systems. Once you dealt with the damages caused due to well pump failure, you can start the cleanup procedure.

How long it will take, depends on the amount of damage you experienced and for how long the water stayed there. Any soft or absorbent materials need to be thrown away, and you have to replace carpets, drywall, and paneling. Any hard surfaces can easily be cleaned.

Well Pump repair experts in Grants Pass like Siskiyou Pump Service would advise that when you remove water from the damaged area, you need to remove as much as you can as quickly as possible.

When you deal with standing water, it is best to use a submersible pump of a wet/dry vacuum. Take care to open your basement window to speed up the evaporation process employing air circulation. Any wet materials or components should be removed from the basement and placed in the sun if possible.

If it so happened that the water was in the basement area for two days or more, then the chances are excellent that the mold would start growing. Strict building codes require of water damage repair services in Grants Pass to reconstruct the damaged area in the basement with wood that is treated and water resistant so that it can be impervious to mold.

When you have an unfinished basement, then mold on the floors or walls can effectively be treated using a solution made up of a cup of bleach mixed into a gallon of water.

Before you start the cleaning procedure, ensure your basement is adequately ventilated. Make use of fans if possible to help alleviate the bleach smells. Ensure you wear goggles, a mask, and some rubber gloves. After washing items down with bleach, make sure you rinse it and allow it to dry properly. If you are dealing with extensive mold, then you’ll have to hire damage restoration services too.

Not only does a wet basement smell nasty and feel sticky, but it poses a high risk to the resale value of your property. When left unchecked, the moisture can soon ruin the walls and flooring, encourage mold growth, and even cause damages to your roofing.

More Permanent Solutions to Prevent Water Damage

Sure wet basements are a little easier to cure as you only need to clear the gutters and divert the water in another direction away from the foundation. However, if the problem stems from other sources such as seeping in from underground, water flowing towards the house on the surface, or the water starts backing up through the municipal storm drains, then you need to take drastic action such as waterproofing your walls.

Pump repair experts suggest you have an exterior drainage system such as a French drain installed as an interior drainage unit would get the water out, but does nothing to waterproof the walls. Besides, the French drain relieves hydrostatic pressure and provides exterior waterproofing that will protect the foundation

It is regarded as a tremendous job to do this due to extensive excavating around your home. On the other hand, it might be your best option should you have a foundation with too many gaps. Then again, the drainage system will keep the water and mess outside, which is a sound choice to avoid having to tear up a finished basement due to water damages.

Having said so, the price tag for installing a French drainage system can quickly reach $20,000, and your yard has to take a beating in that you may have to remove walkways or decks.

Speak to Siskiyou Pump Service about possible solutions to solve the water damages problems.